Uncle Buck is Pissed

Tramped out by Trump/Kudlow/Manooch and of course the worst long-term offenders, the Federal Reserve, Uncle Buck has a right to be irritable if not outright enraged. The cheap parlor trick known as currency devaluation in service to asset price appreciation is taking a little interruption as the US dollar has finally taken out its short-term EMA 20 (for a morning at least). This comes after … Continue reading Uncle Buck is Pissed

NFTRH+; This is Important

For we gold sector bulls at least, this is important – although probably early – signaling. The gold price is still under pressure. Today it is testing the 50 day moving average. Should that break down the next support is in the low 1800s. That’s fine. We accounted for this, beginning weeks ago. But that is not what is important moving forward. This is. The … Continue reading NFTRH+; This is Important