The New Buffett Indicator in Gold

Warren Buffett buys a gold stock, the media bullhorn it far and wide and out come the worst of the bugs, taking the bait and spreading the word across the land. Schiff, Keiser and some guy I don’t know but with a familiar name. When these bugs are touting with sweet vindication their authoritative victory speeches, you run the other way, mentally if not functionally. … Continue reading The New Buffett Indicator in Gold


There are ETFs holding Uranium companies (URNM & URA) and there is a company holding the cake. We track Uranium holder Uranium Participation each week in the NFTRH Commodities segment. I recently bought it at this higher low, which it came to after barely scraping a higher high and dropping to fill a gap. You could say that the up-sloped SMA 200 is key support, … Continue reading Uranium

NFTRH+; HUI’s Diamond Updated

You probably did not need me to tell you that the Diamond consolidation is finally over and it’s a downward breakout. Support #1 (key for the near-term) is the 50 day average (318 and rising) down to 300 (lateral shelf). Support #2 (major) is the SMA 200 (currently 256 and rising). A major support test would not be the worst thing in the world on … Continue reading NFTRH+; HUI’s Diamond Updated