Gary = Wrong on HUI “Beer Flag”

You see, unlike the gurus and other egomaniacs out there, little old me knows that I am either going to be right or wrong on any given stance and that I always have a drawing board to go back to when wrong. I actually love to proclaim myself wrong for you here in public because a) I don’t respect or trust gurus as far as I can throw them and b) it keeps things real.

If you write publicly and cannot admit your mistakes, well, you just suck (and are mentally weak).

In projecting (favoring, not predicting) HUI as a bear flag situation (ref. A Friday Beer Flag?) I am sent back to the drawing board. It was not a bear flag. I made a big (booked) profit using DUST as a hedge on the way down and now am cobbling together a healthy loss in the same vehicle (bought back on the beer flag).

Yet I am having a bigly green day. I’ll have to decide soon whether or not I want to keep the hedge on the miners, so I’ll have to see what tomorrow brings after today’s Buffett the gold bug hysterics.



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