USD Bounce Prospects

The US dollar is still postured to potentially bounce in line with its massively over bearish sentiment profile led by some usual suspects on Twitter and in the gold “community” schooling everyone now about how the government is sacrificing the currency in the name of asset owners. The ‘death of the dollar’ cult is pretty strident now. Look, I’ve been on the bearish dollar theme … Continue reading USD Bounce Prospects

NFTRH+; GDX & GDXJ 15 min. Charts: Which Gap Fill to Believe?

In-day micromanagement… GDX 15 minute gapped up to fill the upside gap from last week and promptly dropped again to fill the opening gap. Where does it go from here? I have no clue on the short-term. GDXJ did the same thing. I am leaning toward adding a DUST position for very short-term partial hedging of gold miners until this chooses its direction. That is … Continue reading NFTRH+; GDX & GDXJ 15 min. Charts: Which Gap Fill to Believe?

NFTRH+; Rotation

There is a rotation going on out there. I am noticing some bad looking charts developing in the remote work/communication areas and Tech in general, while the more cyclical stuff gets the rotated bid. Stuff like Financials, Materials, etc. Technology, which has been blowing off leadership-wise, appears to be getting cast aside as the machines buy up the sectors that would benefit from a recovering … Continue reading NFTRH+; Rotation