Gary 1, Yellow Jackets 0

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3 Yellow Jacket stings later, I live and breathe to fight another day (and get the lawn done another day).

I am mortally allergic to Yellow Jackets, Wasps and Hornets and have the multiple near-death experiences to prove it. After years of therapy my doc asked if I wanted to discontinue although he did not advise it because I was originally a low blood pressure case, which I guess is of a little more concern. New protocols call for such cases to consider lifetime therapy. I decided against it but sure as shit have my Epi Pens if needed.

Today I took a break from the market, decided to mow the lawn and got triple zapped. Wife knows the drill. I sit there looking stupid waiting to see if a reaction is oncoming (copper taste in mouth, feelings of dread and other worldliness) and she reads the Epi instructions and gets ready. One time the pen pulled me back from a complete shock-induced blood pressure crash (i.e. I was on the way out, could not see a thing and felt a strange calm about it all).

Today… no pen needed! 3 stings and I’m good to go. The therapy worked. Happy.