Precious Metals Headlines

For comic relief, here is what the gold “community” is putting forth lately. Full froth mode? No, but the “community” is shaking off its recent HGNSI & BPGDM jitters * and promoting the bull. This phase within the bull will eventually be terminal and one gauge on that will be these ladies and their increasingly, shall we say, optimistic headline cheering.

Gold Stocks: A Staircase To Heaven?

Gold Market Update – on point of breakout against the US Dollar… (on a grizzly note, this is one of the 2 Gold Bears we highlighted back in November just before the November-February rally started)

Silver: Base Breakout & C Wave Rally

All That Glitters When the World Jitters is Probably Gold (news flash: the world is not jittering, it’s rallying and trying to reflate)

Goldman’s Stacks of Gold

Summertime Sizzle for Gold and Silver Prices

Silver is Breaking Out

Gold: Barbarous Relic or Friend of Liberty? Confiscation Coming? (I can’t believe I used to support this tin hat wearing caricature, Ron Paul)

And finally…

The Silver Bull Gateway is at Hand

Ha ha ha…

* From NFTRH 612…

“Here is the other sentiment issue tormenting gold bugs currently. Now, I don’t want to be cavalier in the face of concerning sentiment signals – and indeed I am not shy about taking some profits all along a bull phase – but for the same reason noted above for the BPGDM, I am not overly concerned about the HGNSI. Sure gold newsletters and market timers are bullish. That is their job; it is what they sell. And it is currently the trend.

If we are going to the initial target on HUI (375), get used to such readings. They ride with bull markets, subject to corrective interruptions. Take some profits on non-core items as needed, but don’t let this negativity intimidate you unless the macro turns against the sector.”

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