“The Brave New World of MMT”

Steve Saville clearly describes the basics of TMM (Total Market Manipulation), err, that is  MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) in this blog post.

The Brave New World of MMT

Yesterday I mentioned that this is a market that requires us to look into and discriminate between its various inputs, effects and probabilities and an understanding of what the government/Fed conspiracy is doing is one of the key factors.

Why do I dislike Trump so much? Well, aside from his personality and psychological makeup it is because he is now and was well before COVID-19 acting like anything but a fiscal conservative. He’s a dangerous man who believes there is a money tree out there that just needs to be shaken when needed. And the worst part is, he’s right. It’s a brave new world alright, and it’s called Wonderland.

MMT (Modern Monetary Theory) revolves around the idea that governments with the ability to create money are not limited in the way that individuals and corporations are limited. Whereas private entities can only spend the money they have or the money that another private entity is willing to lend to them, a government with the ability to create money is only limited in its spending by the availability of real resources.

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