Two That Got Away

I of course like posting charts of positions that did what they were supposed to do, and went up. Especially the ones that went up a lot. But what of those other ones, the ones that went down or went up without me? Well, fortunately I have not had many go down over the last few months but today I must watch two of the risers do what they will do from the sideline.

NVTA was noted thusly in NFTRH 608:

NVTA has been on watch for a crack of the down trending SMA 200. On Friday that crack came. Now it’s on closer watch.

But… all I did was watch… this:


CRSP is not so sad a story. It was a very successful long position that I sold on the previous run up. It was originally added because aside from its really interesting business situation, it was in the process of a trend change. That trend is now up and it’s at new highs after I failed to re-buy the May pullback.


Show biz. Can’t own ’em all. Well, you can. But as a diversified risk manager I can’t.

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