Who Needs Treasury Yields, Anyway?

I mean, in this country now where anything the president wishes to be true becomes true, why not simply erase my favorite long-term indicator to the monetary chicanery? Seriously, this is what I found when I went to stockcharts.com to go grab the chart.

Ha ha ha. Don’t like what it’s saying? Simply erase it. They do that with so many other macro signals (e.g. Bernanke “sanitized” inflation with Op/Twist), so why not just erase the 30 and 10 year bond yields and take their word for it? It’s America, after all. Nothing to see here, go back to your homes and remain calm. We will control all that you see and hear.


Ah but thank you TradingView, my secondary chart source that has become my favored chart source in many ways. The bond market hasn’t gone full frontal fascist after all. Must be a glitch by the sometimes maddening stockcharts.com. The red resistance zone below shows a point where this rate party – and aspects of the reflation trades – may have some trouble.


On a related matter, I received two emails from subscribers asking for clarifications of my indicators, inflation, reflation, deflation, other terminology, implied meanings and whatnot. So NFTRH 606 is going to be more conversational, which is good because the market has stretched the limits of what we’ve been carrying forward to date and it’s now too late for those FOMOs chasing it.

It’s time to begin planning for what comes next while also establishing longer-term plans. That takes words. I have to make sure I am being clear because things have gone so well but my brain almost instinctively fires off instructions to me based on the the signals we review. I have to make sure I am being understood by everybody though.