The World Celebrates USD Decline

The Trump/Fed/Treasury/Taxpayer backed reflation parlor trick known as currency devaluation does not only benefit the reflation sensitive US sectors (Materials, Industrials, Financials, etc.), it also benefits much of the world’s asset markets. The ratio of ACWX (World ex-US) to SPY is usually in line with inverse USD. Lately it has under performed but appears to have some catching up to do. In other words, global … Continue reading The World Celebrates USD Decline

NFTRH+; Charting a Coming Pullback/Buy Opp. in a Premier Royalty Co.

FNV is apparently being puked by the the institutions that no doubt piled into the premier gold stocks during the Corona-panic. They must be busy chasing value (that’s sarcasm) in the broad stock market now that the Fed has created a sentiment backdrop where it’s okay to think the worst is over and you can throw your devaluing munny units at stocks again. I digress. … Continue reading NFTRH+; Charting a Coming Pullback/Buy Opp. in a Premier Royalty Co.

What NFTRH+ Does (e.g. TSM)

NFTRH+ has been designated as tier 2 in the updating system, whereas tier 1 is for more detailed or higher priority updates and tier 3 is just brief notes (and an occasionally chart) added to the Trade Log Notes page. Tier 1 updates are posted and emailed directly to subscribers and Tiers 2&3 updates are posted here at the site and announced on Twitter (@NFTRHgt). … Continue reading What NFTRH+ Does (e.g. TSM)

NFTRH+; Silver Pullback Projections

Per a subscriber’s request, let’s take a look at the silver futures as it stands at 11:25 US ET. The silver price stopped right at the resistance level we’ve been noting at 18.90 and is now pulling back. All good, all normal, all anticipated if not predicted. The first key area is 17.45, the next is the SMA 200 at 17 and the most important … Continue reading NFTRH+; Silver Pullback Projections

NFTRH+; HUI Daily Chart Parameters w/ a New Wrinkle

As suspected, the correction that barely touched the top of the 250-260 support zone last week was not a one and done affair. It was too quick and relatively pain free. That’s not usually how the gold sector rolls, even in a bull market. The “hits” that gold bugs complain about are actually speculative interests selling a relatively small and less liquid market in knee … Continue reading NFTRH+; HUI Daily Chart Parameters w/ a New Wrinkle

Relax Uncle Buck, Have a Banana

As this screwed up nation inflates its way out of its economic problems (COVID-19 was a trigger, not a cause) amid the realization by more and more people that there’s a really tacky made for reality Tee-Vee fascist in the White House you have the stock market on message, rising in devalued (funny) munny units as the reflation tries to take hold. With this the … Continue reading Relax Uncle Buck, Have a Banana