Request: A Good and Reputable Oil & Gas Authority [w/ edit]

[edit] He is actually looking for other research viewpoints in order to refute or confirm the information in the report below.

A global fund manager I do some work with requests a good Oil & Gas newsletter source. By “good” I don’t some some schlep who was promoting PEAK OIL!!! or other such oil price/supply obsessive. I don’t mean someone who is known or famous for making calls in the Energy patch.

I mean a rational source for managing the O&G sector, taking into account all the junk debt, US shale, Saudi, Russia, etc. A good source on the global future of the oil markets that can help guide peoples’ investing in what is likely to be an epic recovery if the research below is correct.

Clicking this graphic takes you to the G&R website where you can get the full PDF report. The manager noted above forwarded it to me and frankly I don’t know why he does not just use them. Maybe he requires individual global stock highlights. Anyway, just throwing this out there and finding myself interested for NFTRH’s purposes, in the fate of O&G beyond the lock down crisis. Thank you for any info you may have. Contact link above.

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