Profit taking is still legal: AMD

Amid the money printing and mass giveaways while the populace is forced to sit inside at the expense of the economy it is still okay to take your well earned profits on stocks bought while the now emboldening herds were in full panic. Hence I’ve already taken an excellent profit on AMZN and today AMD also (per a post that showed a few of my positions taken on a combination of strategic business view and technicals).

As noted, it was not just gold stocks.

Today I take the profit on AMD a little below the ultimate measured target. Thank you FOMO’ing herds (and the machines that guide them). It’s not yet really overbought and could tick a new high (to join its pal AMZN and others) but this is a ‘don’t be greedy’ game. It is also a ‘manage risk, balance, re-balance and always be aware of cash’ game.


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