It’s not just gold stocks

Aside from gold stocks we have followed a whole list of stocks that have made at least theoretical sense for the current times. Caveat: The upcoming earnings season could whack even bullish items, including gold stocks depending on the degree to which stocks are running on sentiment right now. But here are a few I hold.

AMZN is a hair from a new high. I bought the initial mini crash, held it all the way and now here we are.


AMD is a more recent buy, as noted in the Trade Log notes (along with a chart) last week.


Do you recognize DOCU’s pattern? It’s the same one gold sported before it broke out on Thursday. Not an Inverted H&S, but a continuation pattern. If gold is going to 1940 is DOCU going to 118 in this market?


STAA is not one I consider tactical for the current and future work/stay/buy at home environment but it was added last week (per the TL notes). I was hasty on the pattern but today it activated. These things all have similar RSI that I find attractive.


These are by no means comprehensive to my holdings and are not recommendations because I have these ecosystems known as portfolios that I try to keep in a certain balance. These and other non-gold stocks are playing their rolls for as long as they serve me. But my point is, it ain’t just the miners. They move first and best, and they also can move first and worst going the other way.

For now it’s bullish out there as the market’s initial drop this morning appears to have been normal and the miners are still showing the way.

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