I love New York [w/ edit]

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Seriously, I have come to love the city over the last few years of traveling back and forth on occasion as my daughter has lived and studied her musical crafts there. Today I finally got her out of there after convincing her it was best to spend some time in the boring country environment here in the woods well west of Boston.

From its hockey team to a bartender named Jimmy who, on a visit last fall not only made my last Jack Daniels on the house, but remembered my name and poured my Jack without delay the next night when I walked in. Jimmy is a nice Irishman at a little pub on [edit] 55th and 10th I think it was 57th & 10th and the place is called Jake’s Saloon (thanks to Joe, who used to live right in that neighborhood… and when they open my New York friends think about stopping in and seeing Jimmy, give them some business and tell him some blogger named Gary says hi. It’s right on the corner). I was visiting my daughter for a couple days but was on my own at night. I ended up shooting the shit with several people at the bar, including Jimmy. I love that stuff. It doesn’t really happen in Boston that way.

It was sad to see the city so quiet today in the middle of the afternoon in the middle of the week. But anyway, they’ll get through it and we’ll all get through it.

Just checking in in case you’re wondering where I’ve been all day. ;-)