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Jesus Christ in a side car, this market is getting weird.

I am from Boston. Born there. Probably will die somewhere around there. I hated the big bad Bruins of the early 1970s because by some strange twist of fate, like turning on the TV as a kid, seeing a hockey game with a team called the New York Rangers and really liking their unis, I was – and am – a DIE. HARD. RANGERS. FAN. It’s just the way it is.

New York? I grew up loving the Red Sox, hating the Yankees. Loving the Patriots, hating the Jets. You get the picture. Anyway, I had a little goof around time and I was checking out the gold websites to see what nuggets (ha ha ha) those lunatics can give me and what I got was this… Phil friggin’ Esposito!

Why is a gold website interviewing a relic from the past who ruined my favorite hockey team (as its GM/coach if not its marquee forward)? Stick to interviewing gold mining CEOs and geologists. It suits you better, young lady.

Okay, I guess with guidance and backing he was propped up as the figurehead to found the Lightning. Before that the disgusting trade (for Jean Ratelle and Brad Park, both of whom the young, formative Gary loved) to the Rangers, Phil was Boston’s very own 70 goal scoring, big bad swashbuckler. He didn’t want to be traded and I was gored to the core (as a kid mind you) to see Ratelle and Park go for this big, bad and almost over the hill Bruin.

Just listen to the interview (and I can’t even get past the first 2 minutes, seriously I shut it off) to hear Phil whine about the Rangers and New York. I don’t think I can embed the video from Kitco’s old fashioned website, but clicking the image gets you the link.

Why am I being like this? Why am I such a Boston a-hole? Well first of all, hockey fans are different. But it’s also because as a player, as a coach and as a GM (I think he was behind the disastrous trade of Rick Middleton to the Bruins for Ken effing over-the-hill-Hodge) he ruined my favorite hockey team. I saw it happen, with but one example when he fired Michel Bergeron, a coach who was straightening that team out, right on April Fools day. He took the bench, got smoked in the playoffs and that was that.

Anyway, watch the video. I guess Phil is selling a puck and some gold. Goofy gold sector. Same as it always is.

My Espo bile is exacerbated by the fact that one day long ago a girl I dated brought me to a reunion of the big bad Bruins, complete with the Cup… and Robert Gordon Orr, one of the most excellent people you’d ever meet. Unfortunately, there was Espo. Even more unfortunately I introduced myself as a life-long Ranger fan. Do you know what he did? He went on a tirade for his onlookers and hangers on, about the Rangers, completely disrespecting me and embarrassing himself (although people with hangers on never really have to face that reality, do they?).

Phil a-hole Esposito. Go listen to him sell solid gold, a rare puck and whatever else if you want. I am so tired of clown shows.

Sorry, it’s a blog, it’s been a tough market and once in while you will either sit through a post like this or turn it off, leave and never return. Hockey fans can be different.