PDAC Bingo, No-Shows, Glittering Galas, Protests and a Nice Prize to Boot

As the goofiest trade show on the planet (IMO) gets underway it’s running the gamut from road blocked protests to glitzy parties. That seems as volatile psychologically as the stocks of the esteemed exhibitors are in reality.

Keep an eye on IKN for updates on this who’s who of the mining world (ha ha ha). It’s so prestigious that they’ve even got a Gala after-party planned. Oh man that must be THE not to be missed event of the year!


After all, per the accompanying video “they make an effort to make all the other recipients feel special” (awe, isn’t that special) and “it’s almost like you’re on, ah, the Academy Awards”… ha ha ha.

Start out with your Bingo Card, which Mark puts together for you every year so that you can have a more engaged experience with some of the true subtleties of PDAC.

pdac bingo

This post is so funny I am re-printing its entirety here…

2020, the year they suspended PDAC

“Or perhaps 2020 will he remembered in Canada as the year that its mining industry decided to be blasé about a bug and cause the deaths of thousands of old people in Ontario.

Hey! Mining IR execs! You have a great subject for one of your meetings!”

At least two companies have chickened out due to Coronageddon…

On a more serious note, IKN fills you in on how and when to access 2 people you do need to listen to, who will be interviewed on BNN.

“When the best in the business offer up free advice, you’d be wise to take it.”

People are getting hysterical, paying $6 for hotdogs and road blocking PDAC (for some reason I am too lazy to find out about).

And finally, one enterprising silver company (my assumption based on its name) has taken the now legendary Bingo game to a whole new level… Grade is king… and you will feel like a king for a day if you win!

IKN, your source for all things PDAC… and funny. Those two are actually synonymous.

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