NFTRH 592 Out Now

The markets did exactly what we predicted they would do!!!

Look, there are squirrels finally finding their bearish nuts out there (“we made massive profits on our puts!”) but the thing they never tout is how many false alarms they had to chase before finding that nut. I was short one measly stock last week and have the portfolio draw down to show for it, small though it is due to risk management (and high cash). However, despite the dynamics in play the stock market has so far merely dropped to our 1st target of SPX 3000, and now it gets fun. As in potentially, “picking off the sissies” fun for the first time since ’08. But we’ll let it evolve and respect its evolution.

Anyway, NFTRH 592 was just uploaded for subscribers and now I have to hit the road for the day. Keep your heads screwed on straight out there.

nftrh 592

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