About my favorite Roxy Music song, Remake/Remodel kicks off one of my favorite albums (their first) of all time (out of all artists, not just Roxy) in high gear and ends with Eno warbling his microwave oven come synthesizer. In this later live case the microwave is ably manipulated by a woman who I am instantly enamored of, given my low grade festish for women playing keyboards… or microwaves.

I had held the fact that Roxy Music has long-since been Eno-free against them (that and the fact that the song Avalon, which came out during Bryan Ferry’s sellout phase, sucks ass). But my daughter and I saw them 2-3 years ago and had a blast and there was Bryan (and a girl on the microwave) prioritizing all the early stuff, from 1972-1974 when they literally changed popular music. I realized my judgemental trait for what it is and realized that Roxy always was Bryan Ferry, first and foremost. A super talented and artistically weird guy.

I’m sure I’ve posted this song before, but it’s just so damn awesome. Have a good weekend.