Just Dandy

You know, years ago I did not want to like this band because I thought the lyrics to their hit Bohemian Like You were pretentious. Maybe because I’ve lived the life of a semi-dork, opposite of a Bohemian trend setter. What I liked least was that I loved that tune with its driving rock simplicity and I had to exercise a duality of mind every time I heard it.

Also, they were one of the subjects of the documentary Dig!, and they were portrayed as the goody 2 shoes popular band to Brian Jonestown Massacre’s utter train wreck. WRONG, BJM is amazing and I’ve come to think these guys are pretty good too, especially in their ability to turn 3 or 4 chords into a full and rich sonic thing. This can be a pretty trippy band. And by the way, I have a low grade thing for the girl on the keyboards.

Holding Me Up – Dandy Warhols