NFTRH; Gold, Silver & HUI Mid-Week Update

A routine update as there are no real changes from the weekend report. Just a mid-week note to touch base on the sector and advise that this weekend’s NFTRH 582 will be somewhat shorter than usual due to the rapidly oncoming Christmas holiday. I think we can both use a bit of a break. :-) Despite my ongoing hang wringing about the CoT (a sentiment … Continue reading NFTRH; Gold, Silver & HUI Mid-Week Update

Wooing Inflation

The Continuum (the systematic downtrend in long-term Treasury yields) has for decades given the Fed the green light on inflation. Sometimes it runs hot (as per the red arrows) and sometimes it runs cold. One year ago people were confused about why a declining stock market was not influencing Fed chief Powell to reverse his relatively hawkish tone. The orange arrow shows exactly why, per … Continue reading Wooing Inflation