Man Stares at Chart, Notes SPX Below “Major” Support

Marketwatch, recent producer of many a bleak headline in concert with the bleak trade war noises emanating from Trump’s orifices among other negative news items, has a man who is staring at his charts today and advising that SPX has lost “major” support. Charting a bearish December start, S&P 500 ventures under major support “Tactically, the 3,100 mark matches major support. The S&P has ventured … Continue reading Man Stares at Chart, Notes SPX Below “Major” Support


NFTRH; Market Status

What is different between now and last summer? Well, on the headline driven stock market, not much. Therefore, until there is technical damage I am not going to let media headlines change my view. Indeed, it is possible that this week’s negativity could actually fuel the scenario we have in play, which is a potential stock blow off scenario. Remember, the market fuels itself in … Continue reading NFTRH; Market Status

Balancing Act Continues; SPX & HUI

Ever since the precious metals topped out last summer I have been a balancing fool, using the gold and silver stock positions I chose not to take profits on and those I’ve been adding along the way as a risk ‘off’ counter-cyclical foil to the risk ‘on’ cyclical stuff I hold to this very moment. I’ve lightly/nimbly shorted both sides, precious metals and stocks, but … Continue reading Balancing Act Continues; SPX & HUI