US 10/2 Yield Spread: “Slowly I Turn… “

I had a feeling the post-FOMC plunge might be a final shake out of the steepener contingent, of which I am a card carrying member, still carrying my home made ‘long SHY/short the long bond’ steepener (that is by the way paying dividends in both vehicles as TBT just spit one out and SHY does so every month). The spread just ticked a recovery high. … Continue reading US 10/2 Yield Spread: “Slowly I Turn… “

vs. Gold

No matter whether or not gold resumes its correction, as these ratios trend down the proper macro backdrop is in place for a bullish view on the counter-cyclical gold stock sector. Some cyclical asset markets (and a couple yields) vs. gold… SPX/Gold DJW/Gold CRB/Gold Copper/Gold Crude Oil/Gold 10yr Yield/Gold 2yr Yield/Gold And finally, the one that could lead the whole mess to a new cycle … Continue reading vs. Gold