Sums it Up

Taken from a comment to a post over at Tim Knight’s Slope of Hope


That is how the whipsaw market driven by the news cycle feels to me. Trump unleashes a tweet, Pelosi unleashes impeachment hype, someone lobs a bomb at an oil processing plant, the mainstream media bombard us all with it and then the markets react after the machines react.

I can’t help but feel that some of the producers or closely associated agents or hangers-on of these news events somehow manage to profit. But that’s just me, a non-believer in the essential goodness of all people. Put and call options are a no-brainer when you know or have a massively stacked risk/reward view on the future.

As to the news running stock markets this week you can click the headline if you want to read all about it…

I don’t buy it. At the very least the Drive to 5 remains viable on SPX until downside parameters are taken out.


I mean, the stock market is high risk in its own right, but the news of the day – instigating the algos and black boxes at the speed of light – is noise. Always has been, always will be. It’s just that today it’s optically networked as opposed to yesteryear…

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