As far as the reflation trades go, I have a base metals mining position and a materials position. But really I am not positioned for a coming reflation trade until it is signaled to be here. That is because many of these items are bouncing within downtrends. A chart of the Timber & Forestry iShares was shared with me on Twitter and while I want … Continue reading Timber!

SPX/Gold Ratio, Big Picture

There are all sorts of little pictures happening on the fly in the markets right now. These little pictures are happening in concert and will inform the big picture soon enough. We are managing those closely. But sometimes it is helpful to just back off and view the larger situation. Here are a couple different monthly views of the Good Ship Lollipop (GSL) vs. Gold … Continue reading SPX/Gold Ratio, Big Picture


NFTRH Update; Precious Metals & US Stocks

The precious metals have continued pulling back and per our work in NFTRH 567 could have lower to go. Gold halted perfectly in the targeted resistance zone and this morning is continuing to fade to the SMA 50. It all looks normal so far. Although I’ve preferred a drop to the 1430s, let’s be aware that a moving average like the SMA 50 can itself … Continue reading NFTRH Update; Precious Metals & US Stocks