10/2 Yield Spread Alligator Chomping Along

The most recent tooth in this alligator’s jaw is toward the flattening side as the 10/2 continues to grind out a potential steepener for 2019. It’s not me saying that. It’ the still intact chart (CNBC) saying that. Said alligator will want to hold above the June low, however. Subscribe to NFTRH Premium (monthly at USD $33.50 or a 14% discounted yearly at USD $345.00) … Continue reading 10/2 Yield Spread Alligator Chomping Along

vs. Gold

Just another episode of that slow-moving macro drama, ‘vs. Gold‘ (using ETFs). Spoiler: the bottom line about the pictures below is that we are still signaling counter-cyclical and we are not yet signaling inflationary. US Large Caps vs. Gold Global Stocks (ex-US) vs. Gold Commodities vs. Gold Base Metals vs. Gold Crude Oil vs. Gold Global Currency Proxy vs. Gold Long-term Treasury Bonds (incl. dividends) … Continue reading vs. Gold