Trump… Just Hilarious

When you think about it, it sure is interesting to have an unhinged ego maniac in charge. You can click the link if you want to read the article that relays to us the details about how Trump is rewarding us all with a fantastic bull market in stocks.

Or you can just look at his Tweet to the same effect. You have probably seen it already but I am often late to these things because I don’t go around looking for hair brained idiotic tweets by anyone, let alone the president. Any of my psychology learned friends out there want to weigh in on the degree of Narcissism going on here? He’s thanking himself!

To the Transports and Small Cap divergences noted on the graphic above, we might also add the Semiconductor sector. That would be the same sector whose advocacy groups were among the loudest in Washington making efforts to curtail the 1970s style trade tariffs war against China. You know, it’s the whole interconnected trade/technology dynamics the likes of which are impossible to quantify thing.

Anyway, it’s no wonder this guy is a billionaire. He’s got a serious horseshoe lodged right up his rear end to be able to woo the negative contrary forces in the markets like this and not (yet) have to pay the price. So keep on campaigning Donald, I’m sure the base eats this stuff up.

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