Silver Launches

As suspected the other day silver’s grind at the moving averages resolved bullish. The first try came on a surge in volume but then it dropped, whipsawed and came back again to bludgeon resistance on a big volume day. To my eye it looks like silver is headed to a place above the 2019 highs. But if/as silver eventually takes over for gold, it’s probably … Continue reading Silver Launches

Gold Bullish in Global Currencies [w/ edit]

[edit] Jordan advises that something happened with the ETF (not sure if he means the global currency ETF or the gold ETF) recently and the calculation is a little off. Not by much, but to some degree. Maybe I’ll post my regular chart of gold vs. USD index and global currency pairs for a better view after hours when those charts update. It’s not just … Continue reading Gold Bullish in Global Currencies [w/ edit]

Gold Miners Waiting on This Chart [w/ edit]

It’s not a chart of nominal HUI with upside technical targets. We’ll do that in NFTRH this weekend, along with the usual individual miners. Rather, it’s a companion to other charts we’ve been reviewing over the last several months showing the under valuation of the gold stock sector relative to gold’s performance vs. cyclical assets/markets. For example, gold has risen strongly vs. the CRB index … Continue reading Gold Miners Waiting on This Chart [w/ edit]

Currency War to Bring Anti-USD ‘Inflation Trade’?

Gold is the leader. The playbook calls for it to bottom amid deflationary pressure and lead everything else up into the next inflation. Gold>Silver>Miners>Commodities>Stocks… or something along those lines. The difference this time is that US stocks are already nose bleeding. So gold is not leading them upward, obviously. It is however, leading the globe out of a deflationary situation (Goldilocks in the US). Now … Continue reading Currency War to Bring Anti-USD ‘Inflation Trade’?