NFTRH Update; The Quad Witch (med. priority)

I got so hung up on future inflation and the global view in NFTRH 543 that I forgot to include a piece on the quant data for post-quad witching phases. This was posted at biiwii yesterday… The Bearish Aftermath of Quad Witching The way I tend to go about things, the charts are what they are. The way Rob Hanna of Quant Edges goes about … Continue reading NFTRH Update; The Quad Witch (med. priority)

NFTRH 543 Out Now

After writing this week’s report I guess you could call me a global macro inflationista in waiting (for confirming signals). Subscribe to NFTRH Premium (monthly at USD $33.50 or a 14% discounted yearly at USD $345.00) for an in-depth weekly market report, interim market updates and NFTRH+ chart and trade setup ideas. You can also keep up to date with actionable public content at … Continue reading NFTRH 543 Out Now