Gold and Silver CoT [w/edit]

Silver’s Commitments of Traders shows improvement again this week while gold’s CoT wallowed without much net change. Silver’s large specs continued to puke up the metal while the Commercials continued to cover shorts. As to gold, the already briskly over long little guy got even more so. The silver little guy reduced significantly (and he was already less than enthusiastic). Makes me start to favor … Continue reading Gold and Silver CoT [w/edit]


NFTRH; US Stock Market (med. priority)

I was not going to update because the market is not doing anything we have not already covered (it is again breaking above the equiv. of SPX 2815). But a subscriber requests an update as he does not trust the rally, coming on trade optimism as it is and amid “hidden bearish divergence” on weekly charts. So ever the obliging sort, I’ll weigh in, although … Continue reading NFTRH; US Stock Market (med. priority)

Hurdles for Gold Stocks

One problem for the gold stock sector was highlighted here and here evidently a little too obnoxiously for the liking of some bugs. The problem was the aggressive bullhorn sounds emanating from every orifice of the gold community the minute the charts broke upward into an obviously bullish technical state. But while the HUI/Gold ratio has been a distinctly positive technical indicator and many bullish … Continue reading Hurdles for Gold Stocks