Meanwhile, Over in the Gold Mining Patch

I think I over compensate against my personal dislike of the gold sector’s various perma marketeers and promoters, not posting as much publicly about the sector as I do about US stocks, Treasury bonds/yields and maybe even global stocks and commodities. But probably the most important and detailed segment in NFTRH has been the Precious Metals segment since we began getting constructive on the macro … Continue reading Meanwhile, Over in the Gold Mining Patch

“Cheap China”

According to Callum Thomas… Trump has helped make China A-share valuations great again (cheap again). Back on January 23rd I posted publicly a couple of NFTRH+ ideas that had been available for subscribers’ consideration in the preceding weeks. I had been doggedly holding AABA an SINA (since sold at a loss in favor of better technical opportunities) with no real technical chart indications but then … Continue reading “Cheap China”