NFTRH 527 Out Now

Rather than embedding it in the Market Internals (the ship’s rudder) segment we extract bond market indicators and give them their own segment, strangely enough called Bond Market. :-)

Seriously, bond market signals are setting up a ‘be careful what you with for’ scenario for those joining the president in pressuring the Fed chief. A thing built on inflation does not want deflationary macro signaling, after all. Anyway, I enjoyed getting back into bonds and kind of got geeked out on it.

NFTRH 527 is 59 easy to digest, actionable pages in all, including US indexes and sectors, the global stock market view, key internals indicators, the notable CRB and Oil breakdowns and… sloooowly we turn, the precious metals, currencies and sentiment. Plus mining and regular stock charts. Long ideas and short ones.

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