Gold “Community” Crickets

I can only conclude that the gold “community” is so quiet right now and has been so quiet in the run up to right now because their favored views – involving inflation and a weak dollar – are not in play. So how can the gold bug be bullish right now?

Well, he can’t because he has been brainwashed into thinking that the littlest planet at the upper right actually means anything. He has been trained to tout gold during cyclical inflationary growth because… China demand! He does not see inflation expectations rising and so how can gold be useful now? DEflaySHUN is coming!

What is in play in the macro markets now (pending the next hard bounce if it ever gets here) is exactly what the gold bug needs, to go along with a boat load of patience. But the real favored fundamental backdrop is harder to grasp than the cartoons that the greater community promote. The average person goes for cartoons in the financial markets hands down, 10 to 1 in my estimation.

Why, my pal Tim is pleasured by the traffic slamming his renowned bear site, Slope of Hope. He’s a good egg, always ready to admit when he’s wrong so more power to ya, TK.

But my point is that people will tend to run to the bears now that it is a bear market, as if them being wrong for 10 years is all washed away and you need perma-bears to help you in a bear market. What about also seeking out sources that are right with the cycles, up or down?

After the precious metals turn the herds will run to the most visible and established gold bug entities as well. But again, I leave this blurb from a long-ago reader on the side bar to the right as a reminder that it’s not so easy in real time. The promoters will come later. Right now, as in Q4 2008, it is time to be at attention and at the ready.

Meanwhile, it feels like half the community is still asleep at the switch. A few perma-bulls are fine tuning the pitch for the times, but as a whole it seems quiet out there. My gold articles are still not bringing in any higher traffic whatsoever. So either I have started to really suck or the interest is just not there. It’s early times, and that’s the whole point.

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