NFTRH 518 Excerpt: NFTRH+ Charts & Notes

My favorite segment to write is the one near the end of the report, after all nerd stuff is finished and we informally (brief notes) look at stock charts from various sectors and markets (no gold stocks, because those are covered within the Precious Metals segment when applicable).

In an up trending and bullish market, the charts below are mostly from a long perspective. But more shorts will be added if/as applicable. It should also be noted that in a high risk market (by definition, according to many of our indicators and according to the S&P 500’s price vs. gold) my favorite position is safer cash equivalents now paying another +.25% courtesy of this week’s FOMC. NFTRH is not a stock pump rag, after all. It’s a well rounded macro service (including updates).

Fittingly, on the exact day of our 10th anniversary a long time subscriber leaves but eases my angst with this note…

Hi Gary,

First let me congratulate you on one of the best newsletters. Very objective, very honest. Unfortunately I need to opt out now, haven’t been trading for a while but yours was the last one i let roll. Anyway, time to say goodbye. Thank you!!

I hope this week’s cavalcade of excerpts helped you gain insight into what I and many less biased :-) people think is the best of breed among market-related newsletters. All of the content presented this week equates to only a partial view of one full NFTRH report. Oh, and don’t forget the updates. They tend to be dynamic and timely; counted on by many subscribers as much as the weekly.

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Our usual anniversary week intro…

To celebrate NFTRH’s 10 year anniversary (Friday, Sept. 28) I’d like to present one segment from this week’s report, NFTRH 518 each day until Friday. These excerpts will give you an idea of what it takes to provide a top tier, best of breed product. But there is much more to a single weekly report than will be shown here publicly. Oh and don’t forget the dynamic in-week market updates as events dictate.

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NFTRH+; Charts & Notes

Swiss Electrical/Automation giant ABB is still on radar because this (daily) chart pattern has it above long-term support (by monthly chart, not shown).

ACIA (daily) is on radar for its chart and its ‘me too!’ potential to Ciena.

Chemicals, Materials & Lithium producer ALB (daily) on watch for support test.

Medical Device co. ARAY (daily) breaks a long downtrend channel with some volume on Friday. This story stock is moderately on watch. Fellow device maker CRY was once a story stock occupying space in this segment too. Now look at it.

BB (daily) is still on watch as well. I need to find more time to read up on several of these candidates.

CIEN (daily) added back on bull flag. Then it popped a bit. Long-term targets higher.

COF (daily) has a pleasant pattern. COF weekly is still mostly bullish. If long-term interest rates are to rise this could be a good bet.

Still holding CTRL (daily). May even consider adding more if market view holds firm.

CVSI (daily) is mild compared to TLRY, but it’s still a hard one to look at as it flies up and down. Still holding and added trading shares at that 4.77 low tick on Friday. Set a GTC order at a 30 min. chart gap, go have a busy day, return to find it filled. Simple.

As per last week: “Still waiting patiently for would-be gap fill to buy DVAX (weekly).”

As per last week: “Holding FANUY (weekly) on buy at support.”

Well, FB (daily) finally filled the gap we’d noted when it originally crashed. I am actually interested in this old fashioned website where people make you feel inadequate by displaying their active lifestyles and great looking food.

Still holding FIT (daily).

Profit taken on GWPH (weekly). It’s a bullish chart but I think the stock has fully discounted its drug’s addressable market. That doesn’t mean it won’t go much higher. Just that I want to be nimble with the pot related stuff right now.

INGN (daily) is a bloated pig and it is also below the EMAs, similar to last July. Watching for potential short.

The still-bullish state of Telecom (IYZ monthly), as we’ve been tracking for months now.

Here’s a view of LAC (weekly) with last year’s buy pattern and its neckline that could act as resistance. Nice trade last week and behind ALB & SQM, still on watch.

PBH (daily) tried to bum me out a bit earlier in the week, but it wound up holding the moving averages nicely on Friday.

Taking another crack at PVTL (daily) at support, but still aware that insider share lockup expiration upcoming in October.

Shaken out of IBB, REGN (daily) is bought back at the SMA 50. Key support to this trade is noted.

Last week it was noted that SIMO (weekly) must hold here. That is still the case after trying to get back above the former breakout line. Holding, but thin margin.

SINA (weekly) did well last week after support buy. Holding.

Still holding and not really watching TRXC (daily). I have added a ‘?’ at a gap down at 3.50 because I don’t know why it is there. May be nothing, may one day be something. You never know. The 1st gap is a breakaway and of no concern.

TSEM (weekly) only gets more interesting after being noted last week. Watching.

TSLA (daily) bear flags to resistance for those who would short that guy’s big mouth.

Liking WBA (daily) chart more and more. Holding.

Profit taken on WMT (daily). But still on watch to see if it can undo this condition.

The charts above are technical views of stocks I hold or am interested in (long or short). No recommendations are implied and your personal research is strongly recommended.

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