NFTRH 518 Excerpt: Commodities

To celebrate NFTRH’s 10 year anniversary (Friday, Sept. 28) I’d like to present one segment from this week’s report, NFTRH 518 each day until Friday. These excerpts will give you an idea of what it takes to provide a top tier, best of breed product. But there is much more to a single weekly report than will be shown here publicly. Oh and don’t forget the dynamic in-week market updates as events dictate.

All for 30% less per day than you spend on your single cup of small regular coffee at Dunkin Donuts! Think about that. I mean, I don’t want to downplay the importance of coffee – it makes NFTRH run – but what is the value of consistent, focused and proven market intelligence at your fingertips day to day, week to week and year after year?


Last week: “It is utterly critical that GYX hold this neckline in order to color this as a buying opportunity in cyclical metals that was brought on by the US/China trade war situation.” Well, how convenient was the USD decline? In-month the neckline holds.

Copper bounced hard as well, logically with the China bounce & USD drop.

Industrial Metals miners bounced and in making new highs above the August highs, bear watching for the potential of more gains. What investors (as opposed to day traders) want to have answered now is whether or not the bounce is the continuation of a positive and inflationary economic cycle. If so, the IMs will go higher. If not, is it really worth trading these bounces (again, if you’re not a day trader)? The first step is to change the daily chart’s trends, so let’s see if these miners can do that.

CRB made positive strides last week but the best signal that an extended trade is in play would be a rise above the SMA 200 that holds. Short of that the trend is still biased down. Oil ended the week locked below the resistance we’ve been noting. There’s the big bounce in IM & Cu. Agri stinks and U continues to try to woo the U heads back.

Weekly CRB is still highly suspect in my opinion. Oil is still creeping up the underside of the trend line. IM & Cu are still broken down. Agri is a mess and U continues to woo.

No real signals in the Uranium miner daily charts. This one’s consolidating, those two are bouncing and the other one is going sideways.

First we got the bull signal in PALL/Gold, but held out the possibility that nominal PALL might be stopped at the SMA 200, which was potentially rolling over. Then PALL torpedoed the 200 and made a new high. It was hysterical, impulsive and also bullish. PLAT finally broke above its SMA 50. It’s something, anyway.

I am really no big fan of the Lithium patch, but there was activity last week as even the likes of Li & REE joined the big global bounce. I traded in and out of LAC – a former NFTRH+ idea from 2017 – per the Trade Log. This chart is in rotation now for as long as a level of interest remains for this group. If an inflation-tinged cyclical global trade gets going these would likely participate.

Thus ended NFTRH 518’s Commodities segment. It follows the Global Stock Markets segment and precedes the Precious Metals segment. Just another part of a whole that is the real deal. Think about that as you’re drinking your single small regular from DD this morning.

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