The Bullish CoT Setups in Gold and Silver

You may know me as the guy using weird planetary alignments while assigning proper fundamentals to the gold sector, and recently even doing the same with a somewhat subjective and philosophical view of gold as an important counterweight or insurance component to a sensible portfolio. Or you may know me as the guy who confuses you with too many market indicators or annoys you with … Continue reading The Bullish CoT Setups in Gold and Silver

Strong Manufacturing & Strong Employment = ?

Strong economy! Okay, now that we have that out of the way the futures reversed this morning on the jobs report that should have been no surprise to anyone. It’s as good as it gets out there. Just look at some of the data from Tuesday’s ISM report (PMI 61.3%). As a side note see Charlie Bilello’s Do Stocks Perform Better When Manufacturing is Booming? … Continue reading Strong Manufacturing & Strong Employment = ?