CVSI: Well, This is Ridiculous

I initially bought with the feeling that I was momo’ing it (i.e. chasing). And sure enough it became violent and printed some paper losses.  I added for an average of 2.20/share.

From the NFTRH Trade Log:

Buy starter position in speculative and volatile CVSI, much like w/ ROKU & SRAX before these were increased on pullbacks.  –June 12

Add a bit more CVSI on sharp pullback.  –June 13

Increase CVSI to full position on today’s hammering.  –June 21

But I held on for a wild ride and now it’s all water under the bridge.

Side notes: “full position” is not as large as an established stock (e.g. current holdings like MDT or WMT) would be. Also, now comes decision time; sell? Not sell? Partial? Hat tip to my friend Fred L. for this one. After the ignominy noted the other day, this is far more pleasant. [edit] Profit taken. 85% good enough.


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