INGN Short Ends in an Ignominious Loss

Just so we understand that there are not only no geniuses here, but there is a guy who decided to go against the chart and go with fundamentals, like extreme over valuation. The loss in INGN was in excess of 20% and as they say in Wall Street the market can remain irrational…

Hey, it’s a great company and I still think it is wickedly over valued (and not likely to ever grow into its valuation) considering it’s Oxygen Concentrators and it’s subject to Medicare and quite likely equivalent entities overseas. But the market was right and I was wrong. Evidently OCs are a groundbreaking technology with great barriers to entry. Yup, that’s sarcasm.

Here at this site I will certainly highlight some of the big wins and I will certainly highlight the disappointing situations like this one. Because that is the market and I am human. The chart guy in me is very disappointed in the human in me.

It could’ve been worse I guess. I could have been short Tesla when its big mouth CEO pumped the market… again.

Okay, moving on… tomorrow’s a new and bright and sunny day.


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