The Relief in TRXC

I committed to hold it as an investor (within reason), after buying at what is still a much lower level. I made a few posts talking about the ridiculous momentum-fueled price activity as momos of all kinds (day trader, algo, Russell 2000 chasing fund manager, substance abuser and Ma & Pa) got on the story.

Well… pffffft! Serves the momos right. As noted in NFTRH 506…

I knew TRXC (daily) was gonna get croaked. It had to. An analyst called neutral on it noting the valuation was not justified. Well, no shit Sherlock. I am actually a bit relieved now. Support is noted [not included on the chart below]. Position only +103% now. x.xx to x [reserved] is where those thinking ‘I gotta get me some of this story’ would initiate. Chasing momo never advised.


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