TransEnterix Position +123% and What Do I Do?

A big fat nothing is what I do.

Owing to the fact that I am the doofus who once sold 1000 shares of ISRG in the single digits (today’s value: $483,000) I decided to hold this baby Surgical Robotics company based on what I understand of its value proposition to hospitals, its addressable niches (like laparoscopy) and the unique aspects of its Senhance machines (like vision guidance and haptic feedback, which may just be glitz, but the first two things seem more important).

Now of course it is a classic fool’s errand to think you can recreate a once-in-a-lifetime situation with another one. But so far I have resisted any and all impulses to do my normal thing with this one; I have resisted taking partial profits and trying to get cute buying pullbacks.

Instead I bought the long consolidation at an average of 2.14/share, tracked sleepy performance in NFTRH each week and more recently have taken an elevator that turned into a roller coaster that has included some pretty rough and volatile days, and still hang on. Truth be told, I couldn’t have sold the big ramp today because I was not watching the market when it happened. That’s fine.


I put this post up because it’s an interesting situation, to me at least. But I would not be chasing it if I didn’t already hold it. So don’t even think about it unless you are completely DD’d up on TRXC and the segment. It’s still a very speculative situation.

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