Attn: NFTRH Subscribers – Gmail Admin Issue [w/ 2 EDITS]

[edit 2] With fingers crossed I just sent off another update (showing a correlation gold stock players will find interesting) and nothing got kicked back! Looks like we’re good to go. 

[edit] An email sent from an alternate account appears to have gotten through. This problem has on rare occasion happened in the past with Gmail’s IP. As I understand it, they rotate IPs and the one getting caught as spam will hopefully be good to go within the next day or two. But just to be sure, it would be great if you could follow @BiiwiiNFTRH on Twitter and follow this site by email (both are available on the right sidebar) for notices of updates.

The previous update was not able to be delivered from Gmail as it was bounced back to me. I am near the end of my rope with Gmail as a distribution list tool and am looking into alternatives.

For now, please monitor the website by email and/or Twitter for announcements of updates.

More to come…