NFTRH; Update on the Metallic Indicators

In line with a near-term bullish theme come the cyclical vs. counter-cyclical metal indicators. The most important, due to its multiple cyclical metals is the Industrial Metals (IM) vs. counter-cyclical Gold. Here we have a strong move in support of the relief rally. The weekly has popped above the upper moving average. It is still obviously only in-week, but as it stands now the signaling … Continue reading NFTRH; Update on the Metallic Indicators

Bullish Biiwii Following an NFTRH Bull Scenario

The succession of recent articles over at Biiwii have been bullish. Indeed, if my NFTRH update post from this morning had been posted over there it would have presented another view of bullishness for the coming weeks and possibly, multi-months. Let’s be clear, the market has not officially taken back the ground it needs to take in order to signal the short-term correction over but, … Continue reading Bullish Biiwii Following an NFTRH Bull Scenario


NFTRH; Updating the ‘M’ Scenario

Below is this morning’s pre-market headline from Bloomberg. The fear stuff like a Trade War and missiles is sentiment stuff, and it usually serves to clean out over bullish sentiment. We have been managing a bounce in the stock market based on sentiment that became over bearish while at the same time major indexes tested – mostly successfully so far – their 200 day moving … Continue reading NFTRH; Updating the ‘M’ Scenario