Gold Prices This Week and Next Week’s Outlook

Here’s this week’s article as posted at Gold-Eagle.

Gold Prices This Week and Next Week’s Outlook

The scope of subject matter per Gold-Eagle’s original request is paper thin (gold prices). I open it up to include silver, it’s relationship to gold, CoT discussion and just a teeny on the macro. But I implore gold bugs to have a much larger view and include the whole of the macro because it is only everything to the fundamental case for gold and especially, gold stocks.

Going the other way, I’d ask non-gold bugs (i.e. the comfortable, conventional and well adjusted among us, which does not include me) to consider what happens when the macro turns and for some reason these crazy gold bugs are back on top of the world. It’s gonna be for very real reasons that we manage each week in NFTRH and they should be understood ahead of time, not after the fact.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to read a somewhat narrower view of the metals check out the link above.

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