Gold Prices This Week and Next Week’s Outlook

Here is this week’s gold and silver article at Gold-Eagle. Among other things, it talks about this graph…

silver cot

I am pondering whether this will be the last one of these articles because sometimes I bite off more than I can chew and my first obligation is to NFTRH subscribers, followed by you dear and reader.

While Gold-Eagle gives me additional exposure in the gold “community”, I need to evaluate this from the perspective of my exclusive content being mine (and yours) and from the perspective of time and my limited mental resources available.

Gold-Eagle is run by good people, which is why I’m even debating it. The thing is, they prefer me focusing on a narrow subject (gold) and its price/outlook and if you know me you know that is far from what I consider important with gold and with the wider macro. I mean, gold is a great indicator asset and also a thing of eternal value, but as far as the price of it, silver and the miners… I really don’t care about it until it is time to sit up and take notice.

Maybe I’ll do a version of it here instead, with the freedom to make it as long, short, or wide ranging on the topic as I want. I need freedom in my writing not to be packaged, to talk sense about gold and to counteract the seedier elements of the gold analyst community. Indeed, I still don’t get that… “gold analyst”. What the fuck is a gold analyst anyway? An analyst obsessed with one asset wanting you to be obsessed with it too?

Thanks for hearing me out. But check out the article too. :-)

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