Talk About Eyeball Harvesting; You Can Sign Up to a Site and Get My Free Content… For Free

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[edit] After communication with the site’s owner I’ve learned it’s not a nefarious thing. He thinks he requested permission but can’t find the email and I don’t remember it. Regardless, it’s more an email list than a website and he appears to do right by the people he spotlights with respect to attribution. So, I retract my indignation.

You can sign up to a website and get my posts. But only if you sign up first. So what if you have to look at a few ads, unlike here at and at Glad I could help your business guys, but you are done now.

Biiwii/NFTRH at eResearch

Don’t actually click the link unless you want their ads to register your eyeballs.

Never mind the fact that I’ve never heard of this site and that it is putting my content behind a sign-up wall. I assume it is all public content, because I can’t access it without signing up. It had better be public or else they’ll be in big trouble. Even then, any media oriented lawyers who may be reading are more than welcome to use the contact link above and let me know what my options are.

They are even sucking in the work of Biiwii authors. This post will show up in their content vacuum and serve as a cease and desist letter. But I’ll also contact them directly and politely notify them.