Gaps Filling, New Ones Forming

Some interesting 30 min. charts for your viewing pleasure.

The Dow is the thing that Trump pumps the most on Twitter. DIA is trying to do a solid for its bro in return, as it bounces and tries to fill the gap down.


SPY has a ways to go before filling the gap. Not that it has to fill, mind you. But there it is and that would be rubber meets road time with respect to this market failing and going bearish or instructing “party on, Garth”.


Small Caps have been all over the road, trying but failing to fill the big gap yesterday and easing today to try to fill the little one.


Big Tech is getting very close to a gap fill and will be instructive as to what it does from there. Tech tends to lead the S&P 500, after all.


Finally, the Semi sector, AKA the leader’s (NDX/QQQ) leader. It filled the most recent gap and is creating a new one.


Indeed, everybody above is creating a new gap, perhaps to be addressed after the SotU joy wears off and the FOMC rolls over and punts.

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