Decision Made, My Headlines Will Be My Own!

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I mean, how often do I put up click bait style article titles like Monthly Gold Price is Banging on the Door of a New Bull Market? Answer: Not often.

I swear I feel like a typical gold bug writer now with that title tied to my name. Today’s ass hammering was well deserved. Some gold bug writer forecast a new bull market in a headline! This is what always happens to gold bugs when they tout.

On Sunday I had mentioned that I’d let it ride even though it made me a bit uncomfortable to have that title pinned onto my article by Gold-Eagle. Well, from now on it’s got to either be a title I choose or the generic Gold Prices This Week and Next Week’s Outlook that they originally chose. Eff this, I am not going to be a typical gold writer, even if in headline only.

I want to make a sincere apology to all gold bugs, inflationists and even stock bulls everywhere (everything got hit to one degree or another today). Uncle Buck obviously saw the headline, got pissed and sent us out to the woodshed. Joking aside, I am a little pissed. The thing I don’t want is perma pompom gold bug stink on me.

Anyway, thus ends a somewhat nonplussed post on a day when money was lost and the market was not fun. This title only adds insult to injury and makes my self esteem flag a little. No worry, I’ll be back tomorrow, right as rain… and next week either with a normal (to my usual mode) gold article title or no title at all.