Monthly Gold Price is Banging on the Door of a New Bull Market

Again I say pardon the title because it is not mine. Unless they slap a title that I really can’t stand on these weekly articles I let ’em ride. But Gold-Eagle is a gold website after all and I guess that golden eyeballs like a flashy title (and gold bullion graphic).

I did write the words from which the title was crafted, after all. :-)

Monthly Gold Price Banging on the Door of a New Bull Market

Check it out. I think it is time for silver to announce itself as the leader to a final flash of inflationary glory. It’s either that or its non-confirmation status to not only the precious metals, but the greater inflation/reflation trades is going to be curiouser and curiouser… and not in a good way.

As the gold price has reached the levels of last summer’s top, so too is the CoT approaching its level of last summer. So should we raise a bearish alarm? Not necessarily; not yet. The silver CoT has something to say about that.

This is simply not an alignment that would in and of itself indicate the end of a bullish trend in the metal’s price.

silver cot

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