Uranium: The Opposite of a Meltdown

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I’ve been out this morning finding out that my dog, beloved as an important member of our family, has cancer. He was a shelter hound, born with terrible limbs and no chance in life until we put many thousands of dollars into his knee and hip surgeries. He’s now in his 11th year and well, time could be running out. The thing is, he still acts like the puppy he was. So it’s sad but we’ll see how the progression goes.

[edit] I found the answer and am not sure I like this as a fundamental underpinning beyond the pump (Kazatomprom to slash Uranium output by 20%).

So I have no clue what is going on to shoot the price of URA up 13% today. I do know that we’ve been tracking it more closely in NFTRH with the idea that a pullback to the SMA 200 is where one who wants to be long would get long. That is what I did on Friday. And today…


Do any of you U heads out there know why this may be happening? NFTRH 476 dug up some unfavorable Premium/NAV data from Uranium Participation (U.TO) indicating that sentiment may have already been too brisk before today.

Last year at this time URA exploded as well. That was ill fated and probably the hedge fund momo community doing its thing. The data above make me wonder if the same thing is in play. The outlier commodities are famous (at least to me) for their violent rotation bids. But then the true believe/investor in me sees the still intact series of higher lows and higher highs in URA and wonders.


Maybe it can get to a higher high at least, if the more desperate momos show up.

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