Deprogramming Some Gold “Community” Propaganda

This week from a writer who uses way too many ‘!’ when writing to his gold bug audience, and who once referred to a “drop dead gorgeous bull wedge” on a GDX chart in a ‘!’ strewn article in the midst of the bear market, just before a big drop in gold stocks… Bullion has outshined the miners for twenty years, and now it’s becoming … Continue reading Deprogramming Some Gold “Community” Propaganda

Wacky Week for QCOM

First, unlike what gurus and pitchmen like to portray about themselves, the usual disclaimer before I write a post touting a call. I have been more Keystone Kop than good trader lately. This included getting long industrial metals miners at the wrong moment and holding onto Biotech positions well into the drop (although in fairness, I was pretty sure either Bios or Financials, which I’d … Continue reading Wacky Week for QCOM

Sectors ‘vs. SPY’

Time for an update on various sectors vs. SPY. The daily ‘relative to SPY’ view shows Financials, Energy, Materials and Tech in various forms of constructive/bullish. Healthcare has made a breakdown. This is a diverse sector, however, and Medical Devices for instance, have fared relatively well while Bio/Pharma has gotten clobbered. On the latter, it would be setting up a buy opportunity if we were … Continue reading Sectors ‘vs. SPY’