I shorted this pig today for no technical reason whatsoever. I shorted this pig because somebody has to amid all the talk of limitless central bank liquidity propping markets forever. We are in Q4 after all, and I need to test my own thesis. Bad attitude to follow as usual when I short without technical setups. And yes, I realize that latest extension since July … Continue reading Short

nftrh plus

NFTRH+’s Cryolife Post Unlocked (Public)

[edit] Arrrgh,they turned me into a day trader. Taking 9%. [edit2] I bought it back again on the pullback; we’ll see how it works out. First as usual with me, the disclaimers. I make bad trades and I highlight ideas that do not work out. I am human and therefore do not have guru status. Examples of failures were recent forays into Sugar (it actually … Continue reading NFTRH+’s Cryolife Post Unlocked (Public)